Nature Patterns

Planet Portrait / Planet Fashion / Planet Colors

Photo landscape is not only the first frame we build around in the real world but a framework. From the first photographic choice, the setting, anything else is a step from the eyesight to “insight”, from environment to a work of art. Every composition elements as light, colours, forms, structure, ecc. ecc., play a role as the “palette” of an artist to jump into a creativity compound. As a wildlife photographer I feel landscape as one of the most complex photographic style. It is not a “still life” but really a full immersion in living planet. Also if it seems, at a first glance, a simply rock … that’s a living rock. In your eyes, in your perception and in your imagination it becomes art but in the same time an intense communication between soul, planet, and anyone who’s a spectator. Ansel Adams was (and is) one of the most famous landscape photograher in the world and in the story: after a day lasting photographic session he usually made no more than two or three shots. Think to Ansel everytime you decide to take a landscape picture.