About Me

“No one who ignores the alphabet, but he who ignores the photograph will be the illiterate of the future” (Laszlo Moholy-Nagy).

Due to the resonance of these intimate words, Nico Zaramella began to photograph more than thirty years ago captured by the charm of the environment and of the planet’s natural world. Now he is well known as a world class wildlife photographer.

His images in a short time were published in prestigious national and international magazines. Perhaps, the immediate success of his photographic style and the early recognitions moved him away from wildlife photography, aware of the unavoidable necessity of a true “image education”. Aware about the risk of an identification of his wildlife photography way with simple “exotic trophies” and searching for his intimate artistic expression he began to explore with a camera reportage photographic techniques, territorial and urban archives creation and “street” picture settings using either color and black&white photography. His pictures were shown in exhibitions not only in Italy but all over the world.

Nonetheless he decided to devote himself to a long-lasting study of photographic interpretation, philosophy and psychology of figurative and contemporary art, psycological approach to feeling, perception and imagination. A few years ago, after many photographic expedition from the cold north and south polar regions to unexplored islands, he came back onto the scene aware of the real role of a wildlife photographer: the planet and wildlife conservation. During the last three years he published photographic books, novels, photographic feature stories, leading many workshops and public exhibitions.

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